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The Cardiovascular Market

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) encompasses numerous heart and blood vessel conditions that can affect the cardiac electrical system (which controls heart rhythm and rate), cardiac muscle with the circulation system (needed for blood flow and distribution), and heart valves (required for one-way directional flow of blood). This complex system is addressed by the largest medical device market segment as CVD affects about one-third of the population.

QiG is committed to developing technology and devices that will provide solutions for the cardiovascular system whose medical device market segment has expanded over $55B worldwide and is expected to grow due to:

*QiG internal estimates

Three major segments that make up the CVD market include Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), interventional cardiology, and cardiac surgery.

Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) - a heart is naturally regulated by small electrical impulses that drive the heartbeats, resulting in efficient pumping of the blood throughout the body. In certain cardiac diseases, medical devices may be needed to provide electrical assistance and regulation. These devices use generated electrical impulses or shocks to manage heart rate or rhythm in order to assist a heart back to its normal function. The CRM segment is largely marked by implantable medical devices that include pacemakers, defibrillators, and cardiac resynchronization therapy.

Interventional cardiology - this segment is focused on minimally invasive treatments for structural and functional heart disease using catheter-based approaches to reach the heart, typically under x-ray visualization. Generally, these procedures include devices such as catheters, guidewires, stents, introducers, and more.

Cardiac surgery - this segment is focused on cardiovascular procedures that cannot be addressed through other means. These surgeries may entail the repair or replacement of the heart, its valves, bypassing damages or occluded vessels, and other procedures to improve the functions of the cardiovascular system with a wide variety of devices.