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Cardiovascular treatment includes long-term implantable (chronic) and single use (acute) devices that can be used to help treat the heart, as well as the vast network of blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The heart is a complex mechanical organ with an electrical system that governs contractions for each of the four separate chambers in order to deliver blood through the intricate vascular structure, making cardiovascular care a constantly evolving field.

Cardiovascular diseases can happen at any time, as some are congenital cardiovascular conditions (those present at birth) and others are acquired conditions (those that develop over time). Some of the more commonly occurring cardiovascular diseases include:

A significant market

Given the widespread prevalence of cardiovascular disease, numerous disciplines are involved in its care. These include:

Treatment of these diseases can range from lifestyle changes and pharmaceuticals to the use of medical devices and surgery.

At QiG, we are proud to partner with researchers as well as clinicians in designing the next generation of cardiovascular devices. We have a wide range of capabilities within CRM, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery.

To learn more about the cardiovascular system, please visit one of the leading societies:
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American College of Cardiology
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